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  • forbéodan — sv/t2 3rd pres forbíedeð past forbéad/forbudon ptp forboden to forbid, prohibit; restrain; refuse; repeal, annul …   Old to modern English dictionary

  • forbid — forbeodan …   English to the Old English

  • verboten — adjective Etymology: German, from Old High German farboten, past participle of farbioten to forbid (akin to Old English forbēodan to forbid), from far , fur for + biotan to offer more at bid Date: 1916 forbidden; especially prohibited by dictate …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • forbid — I. transitive verb (forbade; also forbad; forbidden; bidding) Etymology: Middle English forbidden, from Old English forbēodan, from for + bēodan to bid more at bid Date: before 12th century 1. to proscribe from or as if from the position of one… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Verbiethen — Verbiethen, verb. irregul. act. S. Biethen. 1. * Ankündigen, ingleichen vor seinen Obern fordern, laden, citieren; eine im Hochdeutschen veraltete Bedeutung, welche noch in einigen Provinzen vorkommt. Schon bey dem Ulphilas ist faurbiudan,… …   Grammatisch-kritisches Wörterbuch der Hochdeutschen Mundart

  • bheudh- — To be aware, to make aware. Derivatives include bid, forbid, and Buddha2. 1. a. bid, from Old English bēodan, to proclaim; b. forbid, from Old English …   Universalium

  • forbid — forbidder, n. /feuhr bid , fawr /, v.t., forbade or forbad or forbid, forbidden or forbid, forbidding. 1. to command (a person) not to do something, have something, etc., or not to enter some place: to forbid him entry to the house …   Universalium

  • for- — prefix 1. denotes loss, destruction, deterioration, or gives an opposite sense, or gives strength to the words before which it is placed; forbéodan to forbid, fordéman to condemn; sometimes fór denotes an increase of the signification of the word …   Old to modern English dictionary

  • forbid — for|bid [fəˈbıd US fər ] v past tense forbade [ ˈbæd, ˈbeıd] past participle forbidden [ ˈbıdn] present participle forbidding [T] [: Old English; Origin: forbeodan] 1.) to tell someone that they are not allowed to do something, or that something… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • forbid — (v.) O.E. forbeodan forbid, prohibit, from FOR (Cf. for ) against + beodan to command (see BID (Cf. bid)). Common Germanic compound (Cf. Du. verbieden, O.H.G. farbiotan, Ger. verbieten, O.N. fyrirbjoða, Goth …   Etymology dictionary

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